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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Time to Move

Change your bookmarks or whatever you need to do. I just finished moving my entries over from this site to the new one. I didn't move the comments over, I didn't move every entry over, but it is up and running It isn't 100% yet...but it is for the most part good to go.

New Site

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Just a bit more...

I swear there will be a Jazz Fest post....before the next one rolls around. I have spent most of the day working on my other site, and well it isn't quite ready yet, and it should hopefully be done in the next few days.

My eyes are tired now so I am going to go and stick a movie and the dvd player and fall asleep.

Bear with me if you are anxiously awaiting either the reveal or the post!!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Aubrey!!

One year ago today, my beautiful niece made her way into this world. She has made quite and impact on everyone already. She is smart (knows where your nose is). She is a happy baby. I have only gotten to see Aubrey twice since she has been born, once over the Fourth of July weekend when I finally got to Phoenix. Then again when Aubrey had her first trip to New Orleans (first of MANY!) It was during that trip that I taught her how to blow razberries, something she loves to do even to this day. She has every one wrapped around her little finger and I can't wait to see her again. July can not come fast enough. She will get to make her second trip here to New Orleans.

Man she is looking more and more like her momma everyday!! Happy Birthday Boo!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Why Mark Mullins Will One Day Rule the World ~ Part 8

  • National Anthem at the Sugar Bowl
  • David Letterman
  • Knowing the difference between Debarge and Kool and the Gang
  • The Blazer (please tell me it isn't the same one every time)
  • Loving Shaun Alexander (oh wait that is me)
  • Continuing to create some pretty amazing music
  • Putting up with everything

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Still Alive

I made it through Jazz Fest. It may not be in one piece. It could be said that I may have killed more than a few brain cells over the past two weeks. I haven't slept much and right now I have been up for 24 hours. I will do my big lowdown on Jazz Fest in a few days, accompanied with some pictures.

Tomorrow I will be out at Wednesday in the Square. I won't be pouring beer this week, but selling some merch for PBS. Come say hi if you are out there!

So I am shooting for Thursday. I will also be putting this post up at my new blog. So look out for it. The site is pretty much ready, I just haven't transferred the old posts from here over to there. I was going to wait until that was all done, but I feel like a good Jazz Fest post at the new site is fitting.

One more item of semi-importance for those of you not Jazz Fested out and are here in town. Bonerama is playing this Friday at the Maple Leaf. You know where to find me.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Round Two!

A day of rest and now we are back at it. But WAIT! some of you may be saying. Jazz Fest isn't starting back up until Thursday. Very true, but that doesn't mean that there isn't fun still happening!! Obviously today I am at work. If all goes according to schedule, Lisa should be arriving here around 2. We are going to meet up at the New Orleans arena around 4. No we aren't lucky enough to have tickets to the Hornets game. However Bonerama is going to be playing the pre-game festivities outside the arena, so might as well go soak up some of the playoff atmosphere!! Tomorrow it will be work again then I will bop on over to Wednesday in the Square where I will be pouring beer for a few hours. Hopefully this week someone will actually give me a break....I killed 5 kegs on my own last week and well...this week is going to be SO much more busy.

Thursday, well Thursday is a special day. I am hoping to see lots of people at the Acura Stage that day. Not just the bands, but the actual people. Bonerama AND PBS on one stage, back to back??? I mean how frickin lucky can one girl get??

Just to mention again if you will be in town, either visiting or living here, don't forget on Friday night that Bonerama will be doing another signing at the Jamie Hayes Gallery from 8-9! Come see the print for yourself and have the guys sign it! :) :)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Jazz Fest or Rain Fest?

My Jazz Fest has been so different this year. It has thrown me off a bit. I haven't taken many pictures so far, mainly because of the rain. Two days of rain hasn't made it real pleasant at times. For the sake of music we endure it.

Friday I got out the fest later than planned. I grabbed the only thing that has been customary for starting out the fest, crawfish bread and a Miller Light and headed over to the Fais Do Do stage. Caught a part of the Zydepunks before going over to Congo Square to browse the wares for sale. I kept running into people I know, so before I knew it, it was time to head on over to see Bonerama being interviewed by David Fricke (of Rolling Stone). It was a great interview laced with some music. Hearing the bones blast away the paddock area at the Fairgrounds was just amazing. The sound bounced of the walls and just filled the space up with the brassy ballsy music that is the Bone. Best quote of the whole interview was when Craig said that Mark learned how to dress and do his hair from Harry Connick Jr. Oh and of course when David kinda forgot that Bonerama DID have a guitar player. After the interview I had to check out Robert Plant and Alison Krause. She has the most beautiful voice. Someone said to me later that it reminded them of a mother singing lullabies. Robert? Well come on now. He is Robert Plant.

After that I bid the fest a fond farewell for the evening. I had to head on over the hotel where the manager was staying and count out some merch and get it organized for the evening. First up for the Boneramas was an artist/musician reception in the Quarter. Jamie Hayes is a local artist who has done up a rather funky and fun print for Bonerama. It is being sold at Jamie's gallery and also at the shows. The boys and Jamie signed a bunch of posters and mingled with fans. I sold a few cds and the new t-shirts that have the print on them. The best moment had to have been the one captured in the below pic:
I think George Porter Jr was happy to have one of the prints in his hands. I won't be surprised to see a George one soon. There will be another reception this Friday, May 2nd at the gallery as well. After that it was time to get everyone to Chickie Wah Wah, and blow the joint down. I was designated to sell merch in the little patio area that has just been finished.
I was quite glad the rain held off that evening.

Saturday I started out helping out WWOZ with will call, then made it into the fest just as the rain came down. We stuck it out though. Saw some Jon Cleary, Dr. John, Cowboy Mouth, Robert "Wolfman" Washington and then to the very shortened set for Paul Sanchez.
The picture turned out dark because, well it was DARK out already!! It was pouring and there was thunder and lightning. Paul only played 3 and a half songs. And let me tell you, it was the best 3 and a half songs that I heard all day. Everyone on that stage wanted to play for those fans that stayed and they gave it everything they had. Matt Perrine set the mood, as he came from the dressing room area you could hear him coming down the corridor playing "Singing in the Rain" by the time he got to the stage the crowd was cheering. It was one of the most fantastic musical moments for me. Something so simple. Craig saved us from having to stay out longer at the fest waiting for another ride, he just rocked the world last night. I was able to squeeze in a short nap before heading to the Maple Leaf. Not my most fun night there. I was selling merch out in the back bar area. It as so crowded, I got stepped on, hit in the face (it was an accident) drink poured down my back, and stepped on some more. It kinda sucked. Not the music just the whole atmosphere. It was too crowded for my liking. I didn't end up getting home until after 4:30 this morning. I stayed for about 5 songs of George's set at the end of the night and it was still packed when I left. Not as packed but enough.

This morning I was at the fest again to help out WWOZ, made it in before the rain hit again. I only caught two acts today. Leroy Jones and Gregg Stafford. It was dry in the Economy tent, just the way I liked it. The music was killin and had people second lining through the crowd. You make the best of what you can do. Like Mr. Phluffy did.

I mean no other man I know can pull off that much pink and still be straight. Seriously. I left shortly after Gregg's set to get merch ready for this evening's festivities. Nope no Bonerama tonight. Tonight it is PBS' turn and let me tell you...I am ready to hear some of their funky music. Almost craving it. But not until I catch a nap.