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Monday, May 02, 2005

Its really over.

Jazz Fest has come to a close for another year. I must say that my first fest as an official resident was pretty darn cool....and tiring. I have NO idea how the musicians do it. Going from stage to stage, playing for hours. I mean I am totally wiped and I just enjoyed myself.

I am trying to remember as much as possible...no not because of drinking so much that I don't remember, but because the days blend and everything is like a blur. Some days felt like 2 different days. It was very cool that we would go from seeing Gavin DeGraw to going to see John,Mark, and Anders all in one night. Then BTE and New Orleans Helsinki Connection the next. A wide range of fantastic music. I am so lucky to get to do this.

Friday we left work at noonish. We got out to the fest around 1:00. I had to meet up with all my work homies...as it was a work "outing" I walked over to the Brass Band Stage with Kristy and saw the first song by the New Orleans Nightcrawlers. (Matt had on the most Rock Star shirt EVER) I left Kristy there and went to find out where the work "homebase" was going to be. Luckily they chose the Acura stage. I text msg'd Kristy "have they played Funky Liza yet" and she responded "yes right now" I RAN. okay walked really really fast back to the stage and caught the last half of the song....we stuck around for most of that set. On the way back to the work blanket we grabbed some food and beverages. Creole Bread is my friend. YUMMMMMM I decided I needed to find out about later on that night....the whole merch selling deal. Phil, Donna and I had kinda talked about it, but nothing had been set in stone. I was suppose to let Mark know, so that if I wasn't helping with merch, he would put me on the guest list. I knew that I had to let him know soon...so after talking to Phil and yes, I was helpin, I gave Mark a call. This was right when BTE was starting their first song. Now the night before Mark hadn't mentioned a word about playing with them. He had talked about everyone else. So I didn't think he was gonna be up there. So the message was quite amusing. "Hi Mark...gonna help with merch, don't worry about the guest OH MY GOD YOUR ON THE BIG SCREEN" There was lots of cheering by Kristy and I. Later Mark said something about how funny it was, and "you were so drunk" but we weren't. Just overly excited. BTE sounded great, and played several new tunes that I just LOVED. Can't wait for the new CD. After they were done, we found a shady spot by the Sprint stage and listened to some of Randy Newman's set. We couldn't see him, just hear him. We left soon after that, and taxi'd it back to my work where we hung out for a bit...changed clothes and then headed out for a drink before the show at Tips. The show there was awesome. They played for 2 hours...give or take, Anders was up there for about an hour. We had lots of people coming up and signing up on the mailing list.....not a whole lot was sold, and we didn't stick around for the PGF set to sell as they needed to set up their merch there. We got home about 3, with Phil saying "koozies at 11" HA. I dreamt of thunder and lighting....to wake up to thunder and lighting and a DOWNPOUR. We talked with Donna a few times and decided to make a solid decisions after eating food. The fest was still on...but the idea of standing out in the rain trying to hand out koozies just wasn't appealing. We opted for shopping instead. Then it was back to the house to wait for the BTE show. Kristy and I giggled over the old Harry appearances, how much the guys have changed. Then off we went to HOB. Donna met us outside as Mark was able to get us all 3 in. The show was fun. Donna hadn't heard them much before, and she had a great time. There were some sound issues, but nothing TO major. The show was kinda short as well, because they were doing late night shows at HOB and so the change over must have been hell. All three of us then went over to Donna's for some fun times. Paul gave me trouble again....go figure. Again we were home by 3. Up at 8 and out the door shortly after. We were waiting in line for the gates to open by 9:30. It was quite amusing to see all these people RUNNING for the stages, with their chairs, coolers and other various items flapping around. We got a fairly good spot right up front and enjoyed some fun latin music. The Bonerama set started right at 12:35...and was done by 1:25. But the crowd was totally into it. Most of the people around us knew Bonerama, those that didn't were loving them at the end. And it was a pretty darn big crowd. We then went over to the Virgin tent and giggled like maniacs as we go in the meet and greet line. We were so happy to see so many people in line and many with both CDs in hand. Craig tried to sign body parts...no no Craig!! LOL Then it was off to wander from stage to stage, eating food and just relaxing. Los Lonely Boys put on a fun set as well. We took off from the grounds around 6:15 and chilled at house for about an hour and then off again to Tips for the final show for Bonerama. I was both sad and glad it was over. I was worn out. The Funky Meters set was a lot of fun!!! Bed by 2 this time. Now I am at work....trying to decide if I am going to go to CM show tonight or not. I may also be going to have dinner with Phil and Donna. This weekend I am not moving from my bed.


Anonymous Lisa said...

So glad you and Kristy had such a rock star time! Thanks for the calls and the laughs!

I'm going to bed now. I'm tired just from reading your account!

4:44 PM  

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